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Lips so soft rubbing and sucking

Tongue so wet sliding and licking

Teeth so hard biting and chewing

Saliva so cold at first and then warming

Neck so fine sleekily suckable

Breasts so pert soft and inviting

Nipples so sensitive alive with feeling

Belly so smooth a pillow of pleasure

Arse so juicy voluptuously vernal

Pussy so succulent warm and delicious

Legs so sexy wrapping and squeezing

Feet so tickly petite and nimble.


Sun flung rainbows

Through clockwork rotating crystal

on her lithe loins,

the sun flung rainbows

danced delight.


Now lucidly surface

From deep dreams envelop.

Sensing  presence through my neuromatrix.

Snuggling in my nose nuzzles your warm neck.

Breathing deeply sweet scented hot  sweat.

Tingle and swelling  expansive beyond self

Tender caressing voluptuous curvy.

I dreamt I knew  love.

My eyes open.

#1 Mancunian Elysium.

Orgasms on a monday morning.

Under a goose down duvet.

Rolling on our super king sized bed.

Happy daze.

Ode to;

Manchester cities

Elysium on earth.



Seven months journeying

Thirty days fasting

Conjoined in our kissing

Sensational rivers running

Still pleasures exploding

Sacral kundalini smiling

Silver lunar flashing

Fourth dimension energising

Fourth dimensional.

After seven months journey,

destination arrival.

Thirty days straight

fasting from splurting.

Conjoined by the tongue

we are kissing so deeply.

Sensational rivers

we run through each other

electrical pleasures

explosive in stillness.

kundalini’s smile

mercurial from sacrum.

Silver, lunar

cool even though flashing.

 Fourth dimensional

 energies pleasure.

the way

Building love

Producing love

Infusing love

Entwining love

Tearing love

Being love

Opening our hearts

Beyond love.

This is the way.

New way

A new way
to build love
into our lives

completely relaxed
we produce love
with shining eyes

energy spirals
infused love
transforming us physically

Goddess and God
entwined love
becoming mystery

two equals one
tear of love
bathed in light

nothing matters
we are love
open hearts sight

beyond words
beyond love
beyond feeling

time stops
fractal love
This is the meaning.


Each day tastes newly of you.

Feeling sensational

kaleidoscopic changes

with  loves warm whisper.


With each new day we taste a new feeling.
A kaleidoscope of sensations.
Shaking with the change of it all,
I feel the warmth of your whisper in my ear.
This love is bigger than either of us.

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